Building a community means offering
your hands, not just your voice.

Open Wichita is no longer active! We’ve had a great run, started and launched some cool projects, built meaningful relationships with the city and other community partners, and had many powerful and informative conversations at our events. We’ve done our best to educate and provide a platform for a new kind of civic engagement in Wichita, but volunteer organizations are a tough thing to run, so until further notice, Open Wichita is closing up shop.

Our current efforts (GitHub projects, Slack discussions, and any in person events) will be absorbed by our parent organization, devICT. There will continue to be a place to talk about the intersection of technology and civic engagement in the #civic-tech channel of the devICT Slack community, and you can be sure to see more events in the same vein. If you care about these things, be sure to join devICT and get involved in the discussion!

Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of this journey! Perhaps in the future, a new civic tech community organization can exist. For now, the focus lives on in devICT.

— Seth Etter